Marseille vs Strasbourg

Marseille were in such good form before their Europa League defeat led to another loss at the weekend, but Rudi Garcia’s men will be raring to go again against Strasbourg.

Marseille have looked like the team they aim to be at times this season. A free-scoring attack-minded side with bags of creativity but still with a solid back-four that can handle themselves. They have shown that in their victories over Toulouse and Guingamp which they won both times 4-0. These are obviously two of the weaker teams in the league, but Marseille still did well to beat them in such a confident manor.

They do well against teams that try to wait out the game though and at the highest level there are few sides like that. They struggled in their games against Monaco (3-2) and Rennes (2-2) but still came out with positive results but these games showed how they can falter against a little bit of quality. Nimes showed the big boys how it’s done though when they dominated Marseille 3-1 in the second game of the season. The newly-promoted side had Marseille frazzled and got all three points and this grittiness has come up against this Marseille side a few times since and it hasn’t gone well for them.

They have lost their last two games against 10-man Eintracht Frankfurt (1-2) in the Europa League and rivals Lyon (2-4). The latter of those games will have stung the most due to it being such an open game at times but once again they struggled against a top-four side, something that Rudi Garcia has always had a problem with while in charge of Marseille. He will be pleased to see the weaker opponents of Alsace in their next game as this will be the type of game that should fall right into Marseille’s hands.

Strasbourg finished 15th last season but have looked slightly improved this season. They have already won two games, something that they didn’t achieve until gameweek 10 last year. They have been very mixed in their performances but most of the time have deserved what they got as they have had two wins, two losses and two draws.

Strasbourg have been very predictable this season. They have won all the games you imagined they would while they have lost against Lyon (0-2) and Nantes (2-3). These were the expected results before kickoff and Strasbourg seem pretty content with just plodding along at this pace. They have picked up four points in their two most recent games and will be pretty pleased with that but probably won’t lay a glove on Marseille in this one.

Marseille are unbeaten in the last five of these fixtures, scoring 11 in the process. Marseille are unbeaten in their last seven home league games and with Strasbourg only winning one of their last 11 away games, the Olympians should be pretty confident for this one. Marseille have scored 17 in their last seven and Strasbourg have conceded eight in their last six, so we can only see this going one way. Strasbourg have faced five top-ten sides this season and only won once and we doubt they’ll get another victory here; 3-1 to Marseille for us.

Marseille & Both Teams To Score

Marseille 3-1


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